Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slow going.

Not much happened this last week. With the holiday weekend and going out of town there wasn't much time. I did manage to order a few things. I ordered most of what is needed to make the clutch line, remote bleed line for the clutch, Powersteering pressure line, and The heat shielding for the starter. Also collecte the fuel filter/pressure regulator (bought it at NAPA and they had to order it from their warehouse). Local parts store thought it was the most interesting thing ever. Guess they'd never seen one or sold one before now. Bad part is that some of the parts for the clutch lines were out of stock so it will probably be another week before I see the parts. Waiting for parts is the part of the project I hate. Good thing I am ordering parts now.

I still have to decide exactly how I'll connect the fuel lines. I really hate the GM quick disconnect lines. They seem really awkward and how quick do I need to remove the fuel lines anyway?

Monday, May 21, 2007

Motor mounts finished

Well it looks like daily posts aren't going to happen. Maybe I'll try for weekly. Anyway....
Didn't get much done this weekend as I had other things to attend to. However, I finished up the motor mounts. I welded on end caps and painted them. I've now been looking at making some heat shield for the motor mounts just to make sure they don't get too hot. I've also been researching and deciding on a few misc items that I need to buy.

I received the ECU back from being reprogrammed, VATS, skipshift, rear o2 sensor removed and the factory tune tweaked. I used the company The price was good and they got the ECU back to me quickly. I currently have no way to test it to see if anything was done or not. For now it goes back on the shelf waiting to be installed.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Engine mounts

Yesterday I re-made the engine mounts. I replaced the solid steel mounts with some polyurethane mounts. More specifically ENS-3-1114G

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Custom oil pan install and headers test fit.

OK. Been busy working on the project and doing research so I haven't done much posting.

Last week I mapped out the the engine wire harness.

Saturday I removed the stock oil pan and installed the custom made pan I have. To install the custom made pan required some trimming of the windage tray.

Last night I test fit the custom long tube headers on the engine. The LH header required a boss to be ground down to fit. 2 of The header pipes on the LH side fit very close to the block.

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