Saturday, January 21, 2012

Again. Nothing to report. Really nothing.

Well still in Sweden and the car is in America. Wish I had it here. The autoban in Germany has some unlimited sections and it would have been perfect. But I just have a rental car and it's not even a BMW. or rear wheel drive and just has 2.0L. Oh the pain. Oh well, at least a 6speed manual.

A comment was left asking if I regretted the project. You can thank that person for the last few updates. Got me thinking about this blog again. Hadn't been updating it because there wasn't much new to say. That in itself I think says something. The car has been reliable and happily did it's job and would scream away from any light or up any on ramp I asked it too.

Do I regret building it? Definately not. When I first put it together I wished I hadn't spent so much money on it though. But after 4 years of driving it my biggest regret is that I didn't spend MORE. More on the chassis. I really should have bought a nicer car to start with. Can't fix the past but for the future there's always the wife's E46, Maybe I coudl put my motor in that when I get back. :-).

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