Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Garage is finished.

We worked hard all summer to

get the garage done and in August we finally finished it. My children I think were as happy, if not happier than I was. They were very tired of evey holiday, every weekend, and near the end, every available moment during the week (I even took vacation days just to work on it).

Why such a hurry? What difference does a few weeks or months make. Between the time we started the garage and August I accepted a temporary assignment with my company in Sweden. The entire family would be leaving for in August and the garage had to be done and signed off with the inspectors before we left. We got our final approval on the garage the same day our work visa's were approved for Sweden. We made it. Whew.

The car was planned as an oversized 2 car garage. But since there are no tools in it yet and it was a bit more roomy than I thought it would be all 4 cars and my tractor fit inside. Nice. They will all be out of the weather while we are out of town.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Yes we did build the garage

Going through a year of no garage was painful for me. Scraping windows again. Yuck. Then there was replacing the wheel bearings on the Landrover while it was snowing. Putting on the snow tires on a snowy gravel ground. (cars don't jack up well on gravel even when it isn't snowing.) Then there was the rear differential bushing and cooling repairs on the E46. The LS1 BMW was great. Only repair I had to do to it was the rear door latch broke and had to be replaced.

Broke ground on Weding aniversary in april. What a present. Here are a few pictures of the garage being built and the cars saying. Can't wait until it's done. In fact they didn't. Soon as there was a way to drive up in there they were parking inside.

We contracted out the concrete work and grading and escivation. We built everything else. All the wood, roof, siding etc.