Tuesday, August 31, 2010

No Garage

Did I mention that the new house did not have a garage. Yes it is a disaster for a per

son that loves to work on cars. This time when we bought the house the neighborhood was one of the first things we looked at. What do they say in realestate. Location location location. So true. Garages not being all that populare in this area we ended buying a house without one thinking. We can just add that on.

Here is a picture of the "Fleet" in its parking area. the maxima was sold a few days after this was taken.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Time to buy another car.

Well back 2008 I mentioned my wife wrecking her maxima. She drove the damaged car for 2 years and actually liked it was smashed. Didn't have to worry about scratching or dinging it. Well the transmission was dieing so thought we'd treat her to a non wrecked car. So started looking for another car. Was looking for a 2002 or 2003 Nissan Maxima (would make this her 3rd) but none of the ones forsale near us were what we wanted.

Then one day an add for a '99 BMW 3 series (E46) appeared and the price was very good. The car wasn't too far so we went to look at it. It wasn't what my wife wanted exactly. It was an auto and she hates autos. And it had more miles on it than the maxima we were selling. But it was in really good shape inside and out. Figured she could drive it a year or so and then I could put my V8 in it and get her something else. So we bought it.

Doesn't it look so shinny. My BMW's paint is fading pretty badly and was never that great even when I bought the car. And the interior is much nicer than my car's was. Hoping she breaks the motor soon so I can have it.

Friday, May 28, 2010

BMW isn't just for play

Decided to sell our house and move to a new neighborhood. For those of you that have done moving know it's crazy. And the way the move worked out we had to have all our stuff in limbo land for a few hours (out of our old house but couldn't move into the new house). Despite renting the biggest uhaul we could get every vehicle was needed and the BMW did it's share that day too. For some reason people get the biggest kick out of seeing the BMW with the trailer. Don't know why. It can tow like any other car. And with the V8 it sure has enough power.