Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Living with the BMW

Well I've still been enjoying the BMW. I have used it for a number of runs to lowes with the trailer as I installed a trailer hitch on it some time ago. I aways get good looks when I'm towing the trailer with the BMW. I really got a look when I left a 240sx in the dust at a light with a water heater in tow on the trailer. Always good fun.

I bought a new set of front brake pads. I installed the LH ones no problem. When I went to install the RH ones I found one of the caliper mounting bolts loose. Uh...not good. I had never had that caliper off. I put in the new pads and find the bolt that was loose is totally stripped. Ugh. I'm going out of town to Charlotte tomorrow. I had planned on taking the maxima (get all the miles I can on it before I replace it). Not sure I want to leave it with the wife this way. Well I guess it's been this way for almost 2 years so I guess one more week won't hurt. I buy a caliper and caliper carrier assembly off e-bay just for the carrier. A week later its all installed.

While I was shopping for parts I ordered a set of M3 struts, strut mounts, sway bar links etc. I've got a big box of parts now. I've just got to get some time to put them on.

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