Sunday, April 20, 2008

FIRST oil change! and Misc.

Well after the trip to the big city the car had enough miles for it's first oil change and most my previous cars were nissans or Rx-7. I remove the filter and compare to the new one my wife picked up for me. no chance these are the same. She must have gotten the v-6 one. Quick trip to the store and we are back in business.

Weather starts heating up and I've still not got a good resolution to my heating issues. Having the second fan run all the time was too noisy. I decide to wire the fans to both come on at the same time. I make the wiring change and proceed to test the set up. The primary fan doesn't come on at all. What? Some checks with the volt meter and some looking at the wiring diagram I find that when the relay trips to turn on the second fan the first fan goes off. Well that's not what I want. How'd I miss that. It's an easy change. I test again and they both come on. However I notice the main fan is spinning the wrong way. Humm... These two issues explain my heating problems. Well it should be ok now.

Oh I also found that my front fan lost a blad somewhere along the line. Very strange. I break off the blade on the opposite side to balance things out until a replacment can be obtained.

Heat issues seem to be gone now though I'd still like the fans to come on sooner (guess I should have asked for that when I had the ECU programmed).

My brother comes to visit with his Audi A6 with mods. I easily pull away from him on the on ramps even though my car is carring easily a few hundered more pounds of passengers. He says. "your car's not loud". I still don't get it.

Follow up on the maxima accident. Insurance writes it off as a total loss. I buy the car back for salvage value $264. I straighten the front sheet metal and replace the right fender. Pound out the rear quarter panel and replace a few lights. Total cost about $250 and the car is back on the road. I spend $300 on a lawyer to go to court. My wife is found "not guilty" of reckless driving. (sliding on slipery pavement in VA is reckless driving). The balance of the insurance money and the Rx-7 money can go to getting her a nicer unsmashed car.....Maybe.

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