Sunday, November 25, 2007

Couple more weeks of driving.

A few more weeks have went by. I've been driving the car every day now. It has done quite well. Even with me getting on the gas quite a bit it makes 18 miles to gallon on my to from work drive. A little less than my other car but much faster and bigger. The biggest complaint I had with this car is the noise. I finally took a stab at fixing the noise. I added a 3" high flow cat and a Magnaflow Straight through muffler in place of the prescilencer. It has brought the volume levels down to liveable. On the freeway I have begun to notice wind noise again. Which with the previous exhaust i couldn't hear.

In addition to the exhaust changes I finished replacing the trailing arm bushings and bearings (now both sides are done) and replaced the rear springs and shocks with M series springs and shocks. I think the next most annoying issue may be the front struts. Looks like the next project.


Dante C said...

Congrats man! I just found your blog, I love that its a 4 door!

Grant24 said...

Nice Car Uncle Than!