Sunday, November 11, 2007

2nd week of Driving.

I've now completed my second week of driving the car. It's all been quite uneventful. Car starts right up and runs great. No new noises. Biggest issue this week was the heater not working. If it weren't for the heated seats I would have had to switch cars.

I finally got a chance to really look into what was going on. I removed the heater valve which I suspected was the problem. I found it worked perfectly but noticed it only allows flow in one direction even when open. Could it be I had the in and out on the engine switched? I went in the house and found my original heater line sketches. Car matched the sketches. Looked at some information I had on the computer and Uh Oh. I had them'd that happen. Oh well. Trouble is that the outlet from the LS1 is 5/8 dia and the return is 3/4 dia (I have it right this time. Outlet is smaller than inlet) So it wasn't just a matter of switching the lines. I had to change the connection dia of the hard lines I made. Not all too bad as I used all the same dia lines for my hard lines but just soldered on different ends depending on the dia of rubber tube that it hooked too. I removed one line and cut off the 3/4 dia end leaving just the ring on the end of the pipe making it perfect for the 5/8 dia hose. Then I heated the other pipe and removed the ring it had and soldered on a new 3/4 dia end. All and all not too bad.

I filled it with coolant and test ran it and HEAT again. Driving it this week will be much more enjoyable. For the record the right way to hook it up is: 5/8 dia line on the engine goes to the Heater valve. Mine is dual zone so it goes to the lower port which is centered. The 3/4 from the engine goes to the return line from the heater core. On mine this is the line on the passenger side.

Also this week I took the car in for it's required anual "saftey" inspection. It passed. I've also ordered a 3" high flow cat and muffler to install on the car. It is to the point where the noise is definately the biggest issue I have with the car now.

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