Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wiring and fuel

After some more delays due to having to repair my tractorys Hydroic pump and also a computer hard drive crash taking my time I was finally able to get back to working on the car. Unfortunately most of the work is wiring. It was surprising how much time the wiring has taken. Not very difficult but time consuming and not very exciting to talk about. However I believe I have it done. All the wires are connected to where they should go. I need to re-loom the harness but other than that it is finished.

This saturday I started on the fuel lines. I looked at numerous ways to connect up the fuel lines and settled on using aluminum hard lines. The aluminum line can easily be cut and then beaded to have the ridge to keep the rubber hose from slipping off. They were also easy to form and smaller in overall dia than braided lines. I mounted the filter/pressure regulator (corvette part#) under the car. To do the kind of job I wanted I removed the driver seat and drilled a hole through the floor to bolt the pressure regulator. Then I welded a nut on the inside of the car to make removal of the pressure regulator possible without removing the seat. I probably could have used a sheet metal screw to do the same thing but I wanted something a little stronger.

From the pressure regulator back I used aftermarket quick connects then rubber hose and then to hardline. 3/8 aluminum for the supply and the factory 5/16 for the return. While I was at it I replaced the section of supply line that crossed above the tank with 3/8 aluminum line.

The portion of the fuel line from the regulator to the engine I have roughly layed out but I'm going to wait until I have the engine out to make the final shape and securely mount it. It'll be much easier that way. Oh also this weekend I installed the new P/S pulley to replace the one that was broken during shipment.

For now I need to turn my attention to heater hoses and the clutch line. The to do list is getting shorter.

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