Sunday, August 19, 2007

Clutch line and ABS relocation.

This week I worked on the clutch line. Since my car was an automatic I had to weld on a bracket to hold the adapter at the end of the hard line. SInce I was welding it on I decided to try angle it so that it would best fit my set up. I also cut the factory T56 clutch line down and attached a -4 end on it. I've attached a picture. Don't mind the scribbled "clutch" on the chassis. I'm not sure how i managed to write upside down like that at all. I'm a little concerend on how easy it will be to install the line with the headers on. I'll guess I'll find out later.

After modifing the clutch line I pulled the engine ando finished mounting the ABS in it's new location. I need to adjust some of the lines for better fit but the mounting is done. Now that the engine is out I'll finish the fuel and lines and work on the heater lines. For the heater lines I'm looking at making the bulk of it out of Hardline. I'll see how it turns out.

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