Sunday, July 8, 2007

Wiring and More Wiring

After a delay due to vacation I was able to get some more done. This week I mounted the PCM into the pocket in the firewall where the BMW had the DME and trans computer located. I did this by modifing the BMW computer bracket and the GM computer bracket and attaching them together. I only had to trim the pocket opening slightly to get the PCM to slide into it's new home.

With the PCM located I began the work on integrating the GM wiring into the BMW. I spent hours and hours reading the BMW and LS1 wiring diagrams. After a lot of thought I decided to utilize all the BMW fuses and relays. I did make a few changes to make the wiring fit a little better. I took the BMW O2 relay and used it for the A/C relay. I then used the A/C relay and used it for the 3rd Fan relay. This reduced the # of wires going through the main connector from the engine wire harness. I also found that very few of the engine systems for the BMW actually had replaceable fuses (protected only by the main fuseable link) I am not satisfied with this and will be adding 5 additional fuses to protect the main power circuits feeding the motor systems.

Also done this week was to fabricate a shifter adapter to move the shift lever forward about 40mm. This moves the shift lever to center of the BMW shifter location.

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