Saturday, June 2, 2007

This weeks update

This week I finalized decisions on the fuel lines. I decided to go with the GM quick connects after all. I cut one out of the end of the loose fuel line on the engine to use on the fuel filter/pressure regulator. I also bought a tool from the local autoparts store to disconnect the GM quick connect lines. In demonstrating how the connectors work to my wife I connected the fitting to the fuel filter and then disconnected it with the tool. Or rather I tried to disconnect it with the tool. The tool (which is made exclusively for removing these type of connectors) would not fit between the filter and the top of the fitting so it could not be slide into the fitting to disconnect it. Have I mentioned how I hate these quick connect fittings?

I also ordered some more pieces to complete the Clutch line and clutch bleedline. While I was at it I found a steel version of a powersteering fitting adapter I needed (I had previously only found aluminum ones). So I ordered that too. I'll list all the part #'s and descriptions AFTER I verify it all fits.

I did sell some of the LS1 parts I didn't need this week. The unmodified oil pan, The Camaro pedal assy, the trans cross member and the catylitic converter. However, about the only actual work to the engine I did this week was to fabricate the driver side motor mount heat sheild.

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