Sunday, June 17, 2007

Power Steering Pressure line

Also done this weekend was the Power Steering pressure line. This I thought turned out really well. It was my first time making a custom powersteering line. Starting at the Power steering pump then working to the rack the part#'s are as follows.
1. Saginaw P/S Metric Conv Adapter (FBM2608)
2. -6 90 Deg Hose End, PS (FBM1389)
3. -6 AQP Pwr Steering Hose (FBG0600 aprx 1.5 feet)
4. -6 45 Deg Hose end, PS (FBM1386)
5. Male 14 x 1.5mm Metric Concave Seat to 6AN, Steel (3276-004)
6. 14mm Crush washer (I reused the one from the steering rack)
Part#5 I had a hard time finding in steel. I did find it at Pegasus. All the other parts were from Hoerr Racing.
Also done this weekend was to put the fireproof sleeve over the steering shaft. Aeroquip fireproof sleeve 1.5" dia was used. Purchased from Pegasus under part#3299-1.50 (aprox 15" worth) I also routed the wiring for the starter between the starter and the block to be farther from the header heat. Then wraped the whole starter in Heat Barrier (Thermo Tec Aluminized Heat barrier). Oh while I'm spitting out part#'s of things I've used. For the oil pressure switch I used a M16x1.5 to 1/8-27 NPT adapter (Equus part# 9848) and a pressure switch from Napa part#0p6613SB They said it was from a typical chevy product and was about $2.00.
Other things done this weekend were to begin the relocation process for the ABS unit, installing the clutch and brake pedal set (the car was an automatic) and relocating the heater valves. These haven't yet been completed.

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