Sunday, June 17, 2007

Clutch remote bleed line

Finally the last fitting I needed to complete my remote bleed line showed up on the 14th. After weeks of being on back order I finally recieved the fitting. In the picture is shown the parts.

The parts starting at the slave cyl are.

1. 10mm crush washer (Pegasus part# 3241-3/8)
2. -4 to 10mmx1.5 metric adapter (Aeroquip FCM2967 or Goodridge 305-04-35P)
3. 36" of -4 teflong brake line with Straight/Straight Swivel fitting ends (BL-6104-36)
4. Female 10x1.0mm Metric concave seat to -4 Steel (pegasus part# 3265-19)
5. 10mmx1 bleed screw (bought at NAPA).
Part 4 and 5 could have been any thread that matched and not 10mmx1.0 but fitting 4 is the same fitting that could be used for adapting the BMW clutch hardline to -4 AN. I thought it would be best to make them the same. The parts that are not pegasus ( or NAPA were purchased at Hoerr Racing ( I was unable to find part 2 and 4 at the same place. Oh well.
After installing the engine to the car I found 36" of line is probably too long but it all depends on where you plan put the end of the bleed line.

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