Saturday, April 28, 2007

Step 3 - Buy Conversion Parts

While still looking for the right LS1 engine the project made progress by buying a big box of parts from John Carps LS1-E36 that crashed. I'm hoping this will speed up my project. However I may remake the motor mounts as they are solid steel and I'd prefer something with some compliance since I'm building a street car.

Purchased items include:
  • Exhaust
  • Radiator
  • Trans and engine mounts
  • Misc Parts
Realizing I needed the modified oil pan that John had sold with the engine I contacted the buyer of the engine and offered to buy the pan. Since the engine was going into a Rx-7 conversion the pan was sold to me for just a little more than a used oil pan + shipping. What a deal.
While continuing my search for an LS1 engine and information on LS1's I found an add for headders for a LS1 BMW swap. Turns out they were the headers from John's car and they were up forsale for a good price. With a little luck I was able to grab those as well.

Some of the parts spent months hanging on the garage wall.

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