Thursday, April 26, 2007

Step 2 - Fixing it up.

One of the first thing done was to sort out an electrical problem that didn't power the front windows when the key was on and the doors closed. Then to pass safety inspection the RH side mirror, 2 rear tires and a worn ball joint were replaced. The mechanical fan had broken and had been removed by the previous owner so I installed an electric fan. Figured I could use that after the motor was swapped out too.

The smell was removed from the car. The bulk of the smell was coming from a tar like substance in the trunk. Looked like something was spilled that was absorbed into the sound deadening material in the trunk. I also repaired the power locks and a number of other small items. When looking under the car one day I noticed one of the rear lower control arms was bent. Looked as though it had been that way for quite some time. So 2 new lower control arms were installed.

I figured the best way to find all the gremlins would be to drive the car. It did run and drive after all so why not. Can't drive without music so I replaced the head unit with an Alpine something. It had iPod controls thats what I cared about. Oh and added an iPod. I also installed 6 1/2 in mid bass speakers in the kick panel. Yes cutting is required but they fit behind the factory trim so no one would know. I also installed some after-market tweeters in the factory tweeter holes and a 10" sub and amp was mounted behind the the rear seat.

With school starting (I drop my kids off at school on the way to work) the BMW was pressed into service. All and all the car was pretty nice to drive. The inside looked pretty worn though so I replaced the worn stock seats with some nice looking leather E46 sport seats I bought of e-bay. Oh yah they are heated too. I've enjoyed that. Now my kids want a heated back seat too. Maybe someday.

After driving the BMW awhile one day the end of the thermostat hosing broke off. I've read Bimmerforums that this was common. However when I took the thermostat housing off I found that the end had indeed been broken off then GLUED BACK ON! What the.... An aluminum thermostat housing doesn't cost very much. Why would anyone glue the broken housing back together. An aluminum housing was installed with new gaskets and new thermostat. Car went back to the road again.

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